Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dress Form (heavy photo post)

I bought this dress form a few weeks back. I knew I wanted to play with it but, it was one of those moments where I was afraid I'd mess it up. I often buy things I know I want to do and then fuss and fuss over messing them up. Meanwhile I tell all my craft Friends when their starting out there is no messing things up just learning.. sooo a few ideas and a glass of wine later, I dove right in. I took pictures along the way to serve as a bit of a tutorial for you all. Dress forms are all the rage right now in the crafting world and I've seen them turned into moo much; jewelry holders, stick pin cushions, etc. I just love the eclectic feel of it all.

Now I stained it white, not knowing the full direction it was going in, however I really didn't need to since I later decided to cover it.

I crinkled up some Tim Holtz glassine paper and then inked them up with the new Christmas distress inks. 

Great way to cut tulle, is to wrap it around a piece of cardboard and then cut on both ends, this can be done on little sets as well as something like a little girls tutu. Makes for great evenly cut pieces.

I then glued it to a piece of paper.

after the ink was done drying, I pleated the glassine.

I added some lace to the top of the tulle and then clipped it to ensure it dries well.

I tore pieces of canvas and then misted it, crumpled it up and let it dry. I didn't go for even coverage just some added color.

Adhere the pieces to the form.

Cover the form.

Wrap the glassine around the form.

I added the tutu then. And a cute stick pin, I later removed. I also, inked up the tutu a bit and added another piece of lace to it. I then took the heat gun to the skirt a bit to make it a bit less poofy!

I then put together a few jump rings and some misc. charms and things.

I used stick pins through the form to attach the fun metals charms.

I then added some tattered angels mists along the tears of the canvas and then spritzed it with water. Look at the below pic for the results.


  1. OMG! I love love love this!! (yes, i am still reading archives. lol) do you have anything else that youve done like this? steampunkish?? i love the style, but ive never tried it. as i was scrolling down the page i was getting more and more excited as it progressed. sweet! <3 <3 <3

  2. LOL love that your going thru the archives. I do have some layouts and other projects that take on the steampunk funness. However I couldn't link you to them at the moment but their there I promise

  3. LOL ok.. well i am sure i will stumble upon them as i am reading (im at work so i cant watch the videos :( lol) but ive been emailing myself some links so that when i get home i can go look at stuff. hehehe


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