Monday, November 28, 2011

Work In Progress

I thought I would do a little sharing tonight. In my spare time I've been doing some playing around with some cheapo wooden frames I found at the local Dollar Tree. I love these things. Here's a little tutorial for what I did with them thus far. My advice. Any of you out there who love those Tim Holtz configuration boxes but can't bring yourself to buy them for 10-30 dollars. This is a great alternative. For a whole 6 bucks total after all materials.. even glue, inks and stains. How frickin cool is that!

Ok here, I took a small saw and sawed some of the pieces to make them different sizes. These boxes are a simple 7x7 unfinished box.

I then took Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive and applied it to the sides after I decided how I wanted them. I choose this glue not only because I love it but also because when it tried if you get any over the edge you can simple rub it off with your finger or light sanding.

I use large clips to hold them in place while the dried. Which doesn't take much time at all but make sure their really secure.

Here I am just showing you how you could make these into any shape you so wish. I did something a bit longer and staggered but you could also make a cute cube.

I then used some Tim Holtz stains, as well as some Tattered Angels mists to get the distressed look I was going for. I like the glitz form the mists as well, gives it something fun. I'm very very happy with the aged look it has. I'll keep everyone posted on how I alter it further from here.

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