Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Charcoal Experimenting

Last night I began playing with some charcoal pencils I have. Now I'll be clear I've played with charcoal pencils many times. I have however, never used them for sketching. Last night I sat by myself, watching some tv and just sketching whatever came to me. Here are some of the pieces I ended up with. I was ubber excited about them! I in no way think I'm a sketch artist now but they defiantly made me want to play a bit more with these on my layouts and cards. Experiment more. I sketched and shaded and then sprayed with a workable fixative to ensure they would not smudge anymore after I was done. I also used the fixative because now I can still water color them if I choose to.

Like I said their not going to be framed in my house but I really had a lot of fun just playing to play, working with shading and so forth. I'm definitely going to be playing more with these in the future.

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