Sunday, October 2, 2011

Motivation Monday??

So, tomorrow rather than posting some great motivation. I've decided I'll be online and doing a video on U-Stream!! YAY. Join me in chat tomorrow night. You can find my U-Stream channel on the left hand side of the blog here. I'll be on at 8pm! I'm not even sure what I'm showcasing for sure just yet. We may make some cards or work more on my 7-Gypsies cityscape, or maybe some layouts..... who knows. I'm just not sure yet what I'm feeling. However, I shall be live and be working on something that will motivate you.... well hopefully. I hope you can join me for the chit chat and if not. It shall be recorded as it always is!

I'm not even going to lie, there have been no posts, as well...... I haven't been motivated. Ok, I have been motivated, I find motivation...everywhere, however not enough to really do much other than small creations or cards for people at work. LOL. See, we all go through those RUTS! Blah, I personally hate going through it but have found the best way to overcome this rut is to jump right in and not let it get to me! So, that's why there have been no motivation Mondays or wandering Wednesdays. Because honestly, I wasn't feeling it. I think that's fair. haha Complete honesty, we don't always feel like posting something. Don't always feel like motivating, especially when we're not motivated to so much as step into our craft area much less put out some great creationa! It happens. Sucks, but it happens none the less. Have you went through those moments? How long did it last for you? I tell myself "well if I could go buy some new things I'd be motivated." and sometimes, this is true it sparks some motivations, however the last 3 weeks..... umm that was not it. I even bought some things two weeks ago... lol, and haven't so much as looked at them much less been motivated to use them. I have soo much paper I could use a sheet a day until I die and not run out! So, product is no excuse!  Sooo, tomorrow night, we shall jump into it. Like I said not sure what we shall do, but we shall do something. I have some new stamps, embellishments, pan pastels, etc. that we shall put to use! Sometimes RUTS, happen! So, lets here it ladies, how bad are your ruts? How long do they last? How do you overcome them?

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