Monday, September 12, 2011

MIA and Motivation Monday

Okay, so I feel as though I owe everyone a bit of an apology. I have been getting used to this whole working outside of the home and still functioning and getting everything done. PS I'm loving my job sooo much! However, this past weekend I created a plan! I am the queen of plans! Follow through is the tricky part right? Yes, indeed. So, here's the deal. I plan on from now on changing things a bit to make things work with more ease for me. Wednesdays will now be the night for tutorials. Thursdays were my day of choice for this, however with football season going on.. ya.. um.. it's being changed! LOL I do regret to say that I have been crafting!! Well ok I dont regret to say it however, I made about 10 cards last week.. which was a task in and of itself as I haven't made cards in... hmm.. well in longer than I can recall. I mean I'm the person who will buy her friends cards.. lol. However, with the new job after the ladies in the front office saw my crafty skill I got nominated to make cards.. and I sorta voluntered! None the less, I made them and completely brain farted takign a picture to share. Good news is each week of the month I'll have cards to make. Sooooo, those of you who love cards... you shall begint o see some showcases once a week.

So, lets move on to some motivation shall we... All images are thanks to and you can follow any and all of my boards by clicking here  Everyone knows my love for pictures and colors in general. So, today I'm bringing some amazing pictures. For the original origin of these images, check out my pinterest board titled "Motivation". These are mostly places and scenes, however there's also some color combos and flowers!

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  1. Pinterest is addicting! I'm (Pink Tamale) following you. These will be perfect on my tree board.


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