Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Blogger

I've been considering this for a while. Thought I would consider asking you all what you think. I love seeing that there are over 1200 views here a week, even if allot of you are quiet.. hee hee.

I have been considering have a guest blogger twice a month on my blog. All materials sent to you! That's all I can offer you for now, but we'll see how it goes after a few months!!!

Would you be interested???  In showcasing once a month or more if you like using the materials I send you, which would be new released and lots of great fun!!! Leave a comment here and let me know if you would be interested if I posted a guest blogging position each month.

Thanks ladies. US, Canadian applicants only for now. If you are interested but dont' live in these areas, please email me at craft.donkey@yahoo.com and let me know and maybe we can reconsider this.


  1. Perhaps I would be interested...

  2. What a great idea to promote what you do. I would be very interested


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