Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

So, as of yesterday, I was still flying by the seat of my pants as to what I would be showcasing for today's wandering around....

Then last night I received an update from a blog I follow and


I had to share what is going to be coming out from Prima and Ingvid Bolme and what all of you wonderful wholesale and retail ladies need to pre-order so that I can ravage it from you all!!! Hahah how do you like that for excitement! I saw these and literally began squealing! I can't wait!

I'm going to share them here!! Because well, I just found my entire Christmas want list! They are all either resin or metal pieces and I must must must own them all!  Check them out. Let me know what you think. Which are your faves? Then head over and let her know which you all prefer! Click Here! Tell her your thoughts!


  1. I really like them all too!! Especially the metal peices!

  2. Hi! LOVE your blog. found you through the forum thread. I am now a follower. I have a brand new blog and am giving away some blog candy so maybe you could swing on by and follow me and enter to win the blog candy.

  3. omiword!!! if ever I needed inspiration to re-ignite my mojo THIS IS IT!! My kids go back to school tomorrow so I really want to scrap what we did these holidays. Thanks so much for your comment on my scrap blog ( - it actually helped me think about scrapping again!


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