Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This and That

Ok, So I had some girlfriends over Saturday and they posed a very good question while we were all scrappin. How to go about constructing your pages and projects. Do you begin with the photo, with an embellishment, with an idea of colors. What sparks you?

This conversation was posed as they asked how I came up with the bits and pieces I put on some of my layouts. Honestly I had no answer for them other than I do what feel good. If it feels like an eclectic page then I go with it. If it feels streamlines and simple I go with that. I take all of my inspiration normally from the picture. As to me that's what its all about. Maybe I attach an age appropriate memory of that time period as well to the picture. Now that's not to say I never have an embellishment in mind to use and try to work it in. However, when I do that more often than not it doesn't end up on the layout.. lol

So, what's your process?


  1. I so the same thing,it just depends on the pic and what story I am trying to tell.

    Oh and I just posted your blog to my facebook page in hoes of getting you to 65 followers!!!!

    hope u make it!

  2. I start with my pics, then a design and go straight to my embellishments and paper... I love the challenge a new layout gives me.


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