Monday, July 18, 2011

Motivation Monday

Ok, so first and foremost. I have gotten quite a few personal emails, regarding the hidden journaling technique I was going to showcase last week. I am very sorry. Between packing and some other things going on I was not able to get the post up. Blogger was being a butt head, and then just things around here. I will be showcasing it this week!

Ok, so on to Motivational Monday.

I thought I would do some visual motivation today. I think sometimes like I've said before that some of my greatest motivation comes from simple images that excite me! Some are pictures I want to use for image transfer, some are color palettes for when I'm having scrappers block, some are just the very design and flow, some of even the way the photo was taken! So here we go. Enjoy! Take motivation and run with it! Be patient, there are a lot of photos that may take a moment to load.

(images are thanks to

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