Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This & That on Adhesive & July Giveaway

Ok, so this month I have an amazing giveaway of a Tim Holtz Configurations Frame. But, I know you all didn't forget that! I'm showcasing again today the last box I did. If you haven't but want to see more of this look into some of my first posts about 2 months ago and you'll find a slew of up-close shots of all the details. Also pictured is what is up for this months giveaway, just be sure to be a follower, share on facebook or your blog and the make sure your friends let me know you sent them!

This is going to be a lengthy post, but it's an important conversation to have all crafters must have, A come to Jesus moment if you will.

 I loved doing this project and also wanted to have a little conversation. This project sponsored this conversation for me. I included so many elements on this projects, from fabric, canvas, metal, gems, pearls, acrylic, chipboard...etc. So, say you were to put together a project like this. What adhesives would you use? Would you have to use more than one adhesive? Would it last? I'm always leary to use adhesive people recommend, mainly because my first question is how long have you used it? 

I ask this because, I've fallen in love with alot of adhesives over the last 10 years. Then over time, I find out their not all I had thought. For instances about a year in a half ago I made a Bucket List Book. I love it, poured my heart and soul into it. It sits on my shelf to showcase to others, which is saying alot as it's very personal.

 I went to pack it a few days ago, among other projects (I am moving) and that book was FALLING APART!!!!! Not all of it but the words I had glued on with a runner (wal-mart kind) were all falling off on their own or when you ran your finger over the words. Embellishments such as metals and plastics I had used hot glue or other adhesives for were holding on for their life if not already unattached.

NO ONE wants this to happen, I was urked! To say the least. There were many words used not appropiate for blog readers. So, I wanted to bring up a discussion of ADHESIVE and what I have been going to for over 6 months. I have been using Helmar Adhesive and I have to say, it's held up to the most important element ever..............TIME.

As a side note the below project I completed just with Helmar Quick Dry 450 adhesive. That's RIGHT! Everything, still as in tact as it was 6 months ago.

I wanted to share as well, without an adhesive that stands the biggest test of all, TIME. Your projects are subject to fall apart on you. I use Helmar for everything now. It's wonderful on paper (doesn't warp it), holds for over 6 months even when being displayed on a shelf, holds anything I've ever used it on, including plastic!

I am sharing this, because this album falling apart and having to put it back together nearly broke my heart! I wouldn't wish it on anyone to have to piece back together an album that important to you. Also, as a little side note, I am in no way sponsored by Helmar or anything! Just a fan giving a shout out to them. BECAUSE THEIR AMAZING!!!

Here is their blog. It includes places to shop for their wonderful products as well as wonderful projects and videos. I'd recommend if you are hesitant in ordering something new in a tight economy to try out a mini bottle of Helmar's Quick Dry 450. This is what I began with, and then later after trusting it began adding their other forms of adhesives. http://www.helmarusa.typepad.com/  

 Also, feel free to head over to their Facebook page, and "LIKE" them,  tell them The Craft Donkey sent you. They display alot of projects and inspiration on there that you do not always find on the blog and you can read the testimonials of hundreds of others. http://www.facebook.com/#!/HelmarUSA

So, in an effort to spread the love for this wonderful adhesive I'm  ALSO offering you all a small bottle of Helmar's Quick Dry 450 with this months Giveaway! (pictured are 3 large bottles, as I'm obsessed with them! OBVIOUSLY! You will rec. a small bottle with this months giveaway if you are the winner at the end of the month!)

Thanks ladies! I'll be announcing the winner of July's Giveaway in a week!! So if you're new to the blog, say HIIII!


  1. I totally agree! Helmar glues are too fabulous NOT to post about! :-D I'm now addicted to their 450 quick dry, the liquid scrap dots, acid free, gemstone glue, zap dots, adhesive runner and the premium craft glue. Might want to add for anyone who doesn't already know...the premium craft glue will do everything 450 does, except 450 is better for fabrics, sheer ribbons, stuff like that. The premium craft glue doesn't dry as fast, but is more economical and just as good. :-D Really really want to try their 2 step crackle!

    Love your project...such gorgeous details. So happy you found an adhesive that will make sure it stands the test of time! :-D So sorry to hear about your other project, but I think it was really nice of you to share your experience. Hopefully it will spare someone else the same heartache!

  2. I have had experiences where my stuff would fall apart too, it is very aggravating!! That is where my trial and error came in with which adhesives to use and what not to use...I have never tried Helmar though,it is now on my list though :)

    I think that you did a GREAT job with altering the frame!!!

    I also see that you are now up 2 65 followers!! U made it!! Congrats!

    Wishing everyone good luck with the giveaways!!!!


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