Thursday, July 21, 2011

Alrighty ladies

So, I wanted to say first and foremost, I am sorry for being delayed with the hidden journaling tutorial. But this move has been kicking my butt, as well as watching daycare kids while packing and getting a house and a job. Things shave been ubber crazy!

So, please accept my apologies. I started working on packing my scrappin area and well, now its a disaster and not a place to do any sort of a tutorial. So, I am very sorry.

Soo, I will keep you all in the loop. I move a week from Saturday!!! Soo, close and I'm actually ready for it!!! Been selling alot of stuff I no longer need and packing up a storm!

So, there's the dish. I'll still be posting ideas and motivational things this week, however, I won't be posting my tutorial.. but I promise it's great.. see if I can maybe even find it elsewhere and post it for you all! Thanks for understanding ladies.. stay around, we'll still spark some great convo as well as some wonderful projects!

I'm very excited to be unpacked and the scrappin stuff will be first on the list! hee hee as in the new house I will have an entire room for it all! Soooooo excited! 

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