Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and That Tuesday

Ok ladies.. alittle of This and That.

Lets get some convo going. I was talking with friend who came upon my blog and she sparked a very interesting convo. She mentioned to me that she only makes cards. No layouts, no altered items.. just cards. I'm curious how many of you only do cards as well.. if any? Is there a reason you don't do other things. For those who do scrap which would you say you do more of... cards, layouts, mini albums or altered items?

I think over the years I've changed allot in what I prefer to do. I used to make cards but recently .. well about 3 years ago got out of it as well.. I felt like the work put into them.. wasn't often appreciated and I'd end up spending just as much time on a single card as I would a layout.. trying to make it intricate and unique.

Then I transitioned to all layouts and here within the last year have become more about releasing my creativity and not production. I do layouts when I'm feeling them. Sometimes I just create mini albums or altered media just to be crafty and try new things... no recipient in mind or purpose for making it.. just creating and letting it take me where it does. I've become more about the process I guess then the purpose or destination.. if that makes sense.

What's your take on it all? What do you focus most on? Why do you think you do the most of it? looking forward to hearing your opinions.


  1. I mainly do lay outs. I dabble in cards, but not much, I just think that handmade cards are not appreciated unless they are given to someone who also scraps. Someone who knows nothing about this craft probably wouldnt appreciate it and the card will end up thrown away. Altered items I have dabbled in within the last year, but..............what do I do with the things that I make? They sit there collecting dust. I have no use for them, a canvas, an altered cigar box, a dress manaquin. I just dont see the point in making these things other then trying to be creative like some of my other DT members from a site that Im a DT member of. They are talented ladies and do wonderful altered pieces, so I have tried. But I really have no use for the things that I have made. I think Im going to stick to just lay outs.

  2. Carla, I completely understand them not beign appreciated and even when giving cards... I took altered things and they do sit.. but I sorta have grown to use them as motivational pieces and conversation pieces when guests come over. I enjoy seeing them and looking at themf or motivation when I'm in a creativity slump.. but I do have some thigns that sit..but I see it like showcasing pictures or art on your walls.. there's no real purpose other than to be ther as decor and pieces of your life you want to share with others.


Feedback is always appreciated! Let me hear what you have to say!