Monday, June 27, 2011

So So Sorry

Ok, So, I am beyond sorry for the delay in posting the tutorial as well as the last few days being MIA. I'll give a bit of an explanation. LOL But first wanted to say.. this week I'll do double tutorials!!! YAY

Ok, so last week I get a call on Thursday morning. my daughter is in summer school as well i think it benefits her to be in there.. she doesn't persay need it but it can't hurt either.. lol So, i get a call maybe 10 minutes after she's gotten there. Asking me to come get her.. and that they were sending all the kids home from her class.. 13 kids. It seems 5 kids in the class had head lice! Now I've dealt with the notices form the school and teachers when they've outbreaks before of it.. and luckily my kiddos never had it.. so I just treated them in case and move on.. well this time almost half the class had it.. grrrrrr

Did I mention I RUN A DAYCARE from my home!!! Sooo, head lice or even the threat of it is not fun. I got my daughter home and checked her out and SHE HAD IT... ahhhhh. So, I call all of my parents and let them know. What happened at the school and that my daughter appeared to have some eggs in her head. Some... came to get their kids.. others could not leave work or choose not to. That's the world I love in... lol

So.. I began tearing through my house.. while having daycare kids in tow.. bagging and cleaning everything.. then did my kiddos hair.. but my son and I did not have anything.. just did them to be safe... then decided it was pointless to do soo much and then have a daycare kiddo have it.. so the kids I did have I called their parents and did their hair as well.

Now for a normal person.. head lice is a pain the rear but for me with the daycare it's like a war zone here making sure everything that should be done is.. and that is why I had an absence as I was going crazy ensuring everything was taken care of properly and over n over again.. lol.. I think my daughter got her hair washed times over the 3 days.. lol

thanks to everyone for understanding!!! Like i said this week I'll offer two tutorials!!!

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