Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

Soo where shall we wander to today.

How about we wander into the wonderful world of storage! I'm going to share some spaces that I've come upon along the way. I'm always open to looking at other peoples spaces as I think you learn alot. Of course their spaces always are far cleaner than mine. But, I love seeing how others handle their storage solutions.

We're each very different. I think the type of storage you use for anything when crafting is just as personal as the papers you use. Some for instance like to see all of their supplies in front of them. Others like things to look clean and neat and not all in the open. So, I'm going to share some pictures here with you all. Many have different types of storage and different ways to set it up.

What type of storage person are you? In plain sight or neat a tidy? Or somewhere in between? Do you have anything storage wise you'd like to share that has done wonders for you?

Please feel free to send me pictures of your spaces! I want to see them! One of those who submit pictures of their spaces... will win some great goodies and I'll share them next week on the blog.


  1. Oooo I like them all. Well usually I am in plain sight but I am trying to stay neat and tidy but I'll probably end up being in between.

    I like what you do clip things on your board. I want to try that. So far working that way but most my stuff is either on a shelf nice and neat or in tubs. I sort by stickers, 3-D Embellishments, paints, inks, flowers they are all in there own tub. I try things to see if it works for me. Really have not found one quiet yet but I just now got a bigger room so will see how it works out as I try new storage ways.

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  3. Okay sending you my pictures of my scrap space.

  4. OMG I only wish I had half the space as some of these.................I scrap in my bedroom and because I have limited space everything is tucked away in plastic rolling containers, so I really have no choice but to have everything hidden.


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