Monday, June 13, 2011

Motivation Monday

I find motivation and inspiration in far more than the scrapbook magazines, blogs and the Internet. Have you ever walked by for instance a store window and thought to yourself the colors or lines made you happy or inspired you? I find this happens to me a lot.. it can be something completely non-scrapbook related that inspires and motivates me to do something new and different. Therefore today, I'm going to share some of my inspiration/motivational folder. Some of these are things that I just love looking at, some are the colors, some are actual projects.. the options are endless. Let me know what you think... Which one if any speak to you? Why?


  1. Wow! Love what you have to share here. You picked awesome pictures..thanks for sharing. They are all inspiring. I like the bird cages and the simple flower tutorial. Was that foil that she used? I have to check that

  2. yes, that was foil in that one picture! i know.. i have a folder of about 1000 images I can browse through for inspiration... Love it. I find them all over but I do adore pinterest as it allows you to search or follow others. I'm on there as craft donkey.


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