Sunday, June 12, 2011


So, I thought today we'd have a little chat about "time". During the winter I find it's super easy to craft. I love sitting inside on those cold days, the warmth of nice smelling candles and just letting things flow.... it's often what keeps me from getting cabin fever when it's cold out all day and I'm home all day with preschoolers.

However, during the later spring months into the summer... it becomes more of a struggle for me. I love to be outside. Love the sun shinning on my face and the grass under my feet. I find I take tons of pics to scrap of all the fun things we do and cute moments my kiddos have. Do you cut back on your crafting during the summer or are you one of those who hates the heat and prefers to stay inside and scrap with the air on. Neither are bad. We're all different. I will admit there's some days its just too hot to do anything outside. However, that being said... on those days.. I don't so much feel like crafting either.

I find myself in an odd situation.. as I feel the need and urge to craft.. I sit with the "ITCH" to do something.... you know what I mean.. all crafters know.. you get the "itch" to play!!!! Often that's why I end up with little tutorials and projects.. lol. I WANT to do SOMETHING.. but not really feeling like sitting and pecking out layouts.

So, when is your "slow" time during the year? Do you have one? What do you do to overcome it to keep the projects and crafts flowing out.

For me, I still sit and craft something at least once a day. Or maybe a clean sweep of my supplies and area.  Even if its just some small embellishments I'm working on. I battle though with it. With crafting and still enjoying all I can outside and doing activities.

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  1. Well like you I craft alot in the fall and winter, but when spring and summer are here I tend to slack big time. Like this weekend I didnt do any crafting....well sort of. I did cut out some fabric flowers Im making for my mom but that was it. Too many other things that I want to do.


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