Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We're all always looking for things that make storage of scrapbook items work for us. Whether its to have it in site or just more easily accessed. It seems we're always trying to improve the efficiency of our spaces. my space is only about 5.5x5 ft. It's lovingly called "my nook" and some of my girlfriends call it my "bubble" as I let no one in it.. lol

I adore my die cuts, however storing them frustrates me. With owning the Big Shot I have dies from all sorts of companies. The thin smaller ones I have found easily store well in page protectors in a binder. You can hand sew them yourself or you can buy page protectors that have their own assorted sized dividers.

I've had this metal dvd rack for some time. I don't use it as I no longer have a need for it. It used to store video games. I've been trying to figure out what to do with it. I had a pretty decent idea. This is how it turned out. I have to say it works wonderfully. Works set on top of my paper stand or under your desk or in a corner and there's soo many variations. This is a rather small one you can purchase for about 5 bucks at wal-mart. Also, these sell like hot cakes at garage sales!!! Soo if you like it.. keep your eyes out for them. They make some that are 5 ft tall and would store a ton. I removed some of the die cuts here for the picture. But, I love this. Even if i pull it forward it holds the die cuts in place.. no falling out! It stores the large fat dies snugly as well as the skinny longer ones.

Also, another idea I had is that it could also be used with with "clip it up" clips to hang ribbons or embellishments off of. Or could set it on its back.. and sort things in it.. allowing it to set on top of a shelf or something maybe to take up less floor space. Just a few ideas


  1. What a great idea Lynne! Gonna give this one a whirl...I've got one of those!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Cindy R

  2. definitely going to have to try and think outside of the "dvd/video game box" and try something. I was about to pitch ours because it constantly tips over with dvds or games stored in it... thanks for the idea! =o)

  3. Hmm a helpful hint on that note: if its fal;ling.. simple attach nail or tack to wall behind it and tie it to the nail or tack with wire or ribbon to hold it sturdy in place.


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