Friday, May 13, 2011


you just have to/want to do something.. nothing big but something.. to get the juices flowing. Tonight, I was a bit bored to death... so I pulled out this little vase I bought for like 25 cents at a thrift store a bit ago.

I really didn't have any plans for it other than to play around doing something while watching my recording of "The Voice". I can't say I love it.. but I have fun playing around with it. It's different to say the least. But, def. don't love it and def. not my best work but when looking at it, it reminds me of using mists on wood.. always good thing to recall.. lol.. win some and lose some.

Here's the vase.. I sanded it down and then did a 7 gypsies wash on it.

I inked the top and bottom edges and then tore some antique book pages and inked them up a bit. I then applied them with mod podge. After getting all the pieces on I covered the entire think in mod podge.. allowed it to dry and then applied some tattered angels mist by brush to it.. almost used it as a stain. It worked wonderfully!

I love the rick coat it gave it from the mist. Then I used my heat gun to dry it cause i'm inpatient. Then I applied a single blue Prima rhinestone flourish around it.

I then stuffed some cheapo flowers inside with some hot glue.  

Like I said this is in no way a fave project nor did it turn out to be anythign I really like... lol.. but learned soem new things and occupied my time a bit with somethign creative.. lol

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