Monday, May 9, 2011


Yet another technique to share with you all. I have been doing this for over a year or so to add some pretty centers and to use as general embellishments. You all get a surprise as I just had a friend as my what she could do with some of her floss. I love this! Enjoy! hahah never mind the date on the pics.. I just did this in the last 10 minutes... hahah but my worst trait.... setting the date on my camera.. or my daughter gets it.. once it said pics were from 2033... lol

Do you have some of this???? Scrappers floss..... Wait till you see what you can do with it!

A general scrap dot... or zot or whatever brand you use! cut one out. Place some of the floss under it...

Begin at the bottom wrapping it around the dot.

Lots of options.. can do one color, or two colors or more! can add bling to the center too for added affect!

Here they are on some paper flowers! Not the best color combos... however i did this in 10 minutes and just wanted to give an example.

thanks for looking... I of course love these b/c their working with what you have.. note you can also do these with a hot glue gun. Just use super hot glue... start to let it cool... and then begin wrapping.. which takes no time at all. Their not as maluable as the dots but work well. Of course I just adore the texture these add.  hope you can use this on your future projects!


  1. Love this Lynne! Thanks for sharing...gonna try this too!

  2. Very clever idea! I like your color combos they look very springlike!

  3. This is an Awesome way to make a flower.


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