Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fess Up ladies

Ok, time to talk about the nitty gritty. How much do you really scrap or do crafty things? I craft daily for the most part. I ask this as scrappers I believe with all my heart are or I should say.. can be glorified hoarders!

Don't believe me?

Hmmm, how many times have you bought a piece of paper or a certain embellishment... you had to have it.. it's amazing, it's trendy now, maybe you even got it on a great sale... but then... it sits there! Waiting for the perfect picture, the perfect project that never really comes along.. soon it's been 6 months... a year or longer and that piece of paper or embellie is still sitting there. Maybe still loved as much as the day you got it or maybe no longer your style. Does this happen to anyone but me???!?!?!?!

Or how about buying "stuff" because it's on sale. You can't pass up that sale! And then you get it home.. put it away but never seem to use it.. hmmmmm you may even questions yourself "what in the heck was I thinking when I bought that?!?!"

Now fess it up ladies does this happen to any of you? I'm going to start trying to use more of these "older yet beloved at some point items." Making it a personal goal of mine. I haven't been shopping near as much as I used to. I even over the last year have dramatically changed the way I shop. I used to go into hobby lobby or Michael's when they had their papers 50 percent off and just take 10 or so sets of paper! Why? Well duh.. it was on sale.. if i wanted this paper at any other date it would be full price!

The problem is... and don't laugh too hard here. Other than birthday parties or baby showers.. I have never used say more than 4 sheets from those wonderful great priced pads of paper. I just don't do it! It sits, it gets given away, it gets used for painting and spraying on. haha I'm horrible but I can to notice this about myself and now only buy by the sheet! It have saved me.. lord I don't know how much money! I still have too much paper! I know I do! But, now, I look at the paper and have a plan ahead of time for it.. and get this........................

I actually USE it!!!! At one point I quit buying until I used soo many of these special things that never got used! Was great incentive.

I no longer wait for just the right project or picture to do it justice.. cause well I have tons of those papers still sitting.. what good are they just sitting there!!! USE IT. You'll regret it far less than letting it sit there!

Same thing can be applied to stickers and anything! I talk to soo many scrapper who go in and out of the phase of hating or loving stickers.. but I find it hilarious when I enter someone area or are just talking to them and one of two things happen. I ask what they were going to do with something I see... they have no clue.. may not even know how to use it... lmao... or they say they have no clue why they got something b/c they don't use them. They were.. you guessed it on sale!

Now, i love a sale as much as the next gal.. really I do! But what good is a sale if you're not going to use it?!?!?!  I'd like to challenge everyone to use that piece of paper they were saving.. for no particular project but just loved too much to use.. in fear of WHAT? That you'd mess it up? hahaha Ask yourself this... is it made of gold? Will you never again be able to find that piece of paper that could really cost no more than a few dollars and that's at the very high end???? So please ................go...... use it!!!

Drop me a comment and let me know if this happens to you. What does it happen most with.. paper, embellishments, lace, alterables???

When you use it... email it to me. I'll be showcasing those who accepted this challenge this week! Email me at  Send me a picture and a brief reason as when you bought the item... why you didn't use it, and you may win some great goodies!

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  1. Oh, I used to be SOOO guilty of this!! But now I try to only buy papers, or anything for that matter, when I have a specific layout in mind. It works MOST of the time...but I still am a sucker for beautiful Basic Grey!


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