Sunday, May 22, 2011

Helmar Gemstone Glue

Ok, ladies its no shock to anyone but I'm in love with Helmar Adhesive. I will state for the record.. I'm not endorsed and get nothing from them.. hee hee I state this that way you know I am not giving them a plug in the blog b/c they are endorsing me or something... lol. I JUST LOVE THEM!!!

You can find where their sold on my page.. just scroll down! And you can find them on facebook for lots of great tutorials! 

I use their adhesive as it's meant to be used as well as in my own creative ways! of course everyone knows how much I adore glue and making it do things it's not really meant for.

So, here is a little tutorial. Super short and as always! Cause I know with kids, housework and jobs we don't all have an hour to watch and learn something new to use on all your craft projects. Click the link or read and follwo the pictures. Thanks ladies!

You will need: rhinestone flourish, Helmar's Rhinestone adhesive, a piece of acetate or as I used a piece of packaging, and glitter or flocking powder.

Take a Rhinestone flourish and a piece of acetate. Lay the acetate over the rhinestone piece. Then use the rhinestone glue.. which comes out white but will dry clear.  Apply it as you like it. I did a portion of the flourish. Then sprinkle glitter on it and skake off excess. And you have a beauitful glittered flourish. This will also work with flocking power!

You can also do this free hand on a piece of paper. here I doodled out a little flourish with Helmar's gemstone adhesive. Again it will coem out white but will dry clear! I promise! Doodle and the cover in glitter or flocking powder.

Cover all of the doodle in adhesive!

Shake off all adhesive! Here you have it! Soo pretty! Enjoy!


  1. Cool idea for making the glittery embellishment with that glue. I've not tried it yet. Question about it: if I used too much on a project will it erase away with my gummed glue eraser? thanks.

  2. Umm good questions Diana. I however beleive in no mistakes and if I think I have made one I correct it while the glue is still wet.. n that glue stays wet for a bit!!! So, gives you time. For instance on that glue I can use a q-tip or a eye make up applier to remove the glue where I want it removed. GRRR wish the vid. would of posted.... I'll try to redo a vid on ustream tom. Shows it soo much better!!!! But in all honesty I dont use adhesive removers... hee hee.. whats there is there after it dries for me.


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