Saturday, May 21, 2011

Alittle Delayed

Sooo, today we had some horrible weather and I went out to shut my garage door, so nothing made its way to my garage. So, I go and pull the door down in a hurry. Well darn me, I didn't pull my car far enough in, lol but at an eyes hurry glance I thought I had the minimal room needed. So you can see where this is going... I pull it down and it slams half my hand primarily my pinkie, between the car and the garage door.

OUCH!!!!!! (insert curse words here--- lots of them... the thunder luckily muffled them from being heard by any neighbors)
So, bad pic but u can see my finger is completely straight yet it looks like I have my knuckle bent!

So, I had planned on getting a few layouts posted today, however they have not been done yet as I enjoy pictures with natural lighting and well.... we haven't had much of that today. I shall try to get them posted tomorrow and hope this fingers swelling goes down so I can bend it! because as of now it won't bend.. not from pain but from swelling alone. No worries I will still craft.. hee hee last year I cut off a piece of my finger.. literally! It was stitched up and un-usable for 2 months and I learned to craft and type without it! haha


  1. Oh ouch, ouch and ouch. Tough sorry for you.

  2. OWWWW!! Hope it feels better soon!


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