Thursday, January 31, 2013

Maya Road Glittered Crown Mini Album

Yep you guessed it, yet another Glittered Maya Road Album. I told you all that last weekend I was on a glittering kick for some reason. I can't even explain it but all of these adorable albums just screamed to be simple and yet glittered. I love this little crown. Goes well with all of the girly things I have been doing lately. I also am super proud to say I used some older than dirt DCWV paper from a stack! Do people still buy paper from a stack? 

I know I see it sold at stores everywhere but I think I learned my lesson long ago that unless I know I will use it ALL on something I refuse to buy it all when I only wanted 4-5 sheets and the others I buy.. just in case I need them etc. I know it costs me less, now you say how can that be when you buy by the sheet you pay more than if you go to a store and get a stack for 20 bucks or even better half off when they have sales. Well, I did some math and based on all of those sheets I ended up giving away or never using, it didn't save me squat to buy the stack vs the 6-8 sheets I really wanted. Now I do understand with some "cheaper" brands you just don't even have the option to buy by the sheet. Even so I have tried to commit to only buy what I want and not all the excess I think I may want at some point. Now sometimes if it's on "off brand" I'll see if a friend is interesting in buying it with me and splitting it and now that my daughter crafts she's always happy to have some of it- so on occasion we buy stacks- I steal the 5-6 I wanted she keeps the rest, but a larger stack will last her all year. 

This change occurred about 3 years ago when I moved and did a paper count to find by my estimate I had over 60,000 sheets of paper!!! That's insanely STUPID!!! I could have never bought again and been able to scrap for life. So, I did some purging and some selling and some pitching and while I do now have the ability to still buy some I have the rule that ones my current paper containers are full... I'm not allowed to buy any until I've used/purged/pitched it. And of course I always want to use or give it away first! Cause I'm cheap and want the best out of my money. haha okay done with that rant. 

Back to this cute little album. Thanks for looking!

Mini album

glittered mini album

Crown Mini album

Maya Road


  1. very pretty! I am a paper hoarder too...I never counted. Didn't think I'd ever have 60,000 but now you make me wonder. I do buy stacks. Often I have split them with a friend as I probably won't use more than 2 of the same one and they often have 3 or 4 of each sheet. Although, I do buy packs of paper 25 of the same sheet when they are a really super deal. I have done this at shows or from SEI if they are colors I use frequently.

  2. Very nice. I think I am heading in the same boat of buying more paper then I know what to do with. Today I went to Hobby Lobby and Michaels I use my 40% coupon for Hobby Lobby and bought a heating gun and few little items and no paper. I then went to Michaels bought some Recollections storge bins for my paper two of them and some other items too. I got to use my Joann's 40% off coupon. I did go by the paper but never bought a single sheet or pack, lol. So I was a good boy saved money and bought what I was looking for. There some items that I wanted but they didn't have them in either store. Oh well can find it online and buy there.


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