Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Glittered Cupcake Mini Album

So, I'm not normally the glitzy glamour type but last weekend I was on a glitter kick. 2 years ago or so I went through a glitter spell that lasted for months! I'm pretty sure this is not happening here- I think this is short lived, however I used glitter a ton this past weekend. 

I just adore the art of glittering objects and glittering them well. So, I My Maya Road Loot a week ago or so and I have been playing with it alot recently. I took one of their cupcake albums and created something just gull of shine and lots of glitter! I'm pretty sure I'm in love with it. I'm still debating on adding a cherry to the top.... hmmmm what do you think? Cherry or no cherry?

Cupcake Mini Album
I just adore glitter. Here I used some Martha Stewart and Pebbles Inc glitters. Both older than I feel the need to admit- I bought them when glittering the the in thing. I first layed a thick even coat of Mod Podge down on the pieces and glittered them, then for added coverage and protection I apply a clear coat of acrylic sealer to it to help it hold it's shine and not rub off everywhere. 

Maya Road Mini Album
After getting all the pages done I did ink along all of the edges with a black to make everything pop and for the lines to appear more crisp. I also added a load of ribbons to the ring that binds the chipboard album together. 

basic grey pattern papers
I will most likely still add a few charms on the ribbons and them a few little things on each page but this album not being very large I want to make sure that whoever receives it has plenty of room for their pictures or writing. And, honestly it's hard to cover up those darn adorable papers that I've been hoarding for a year now. They are all basic Grey- this lets you know how versatile their lines are- their 3 different lines, don't ask me what they are as I'll blank now, but I know one is Lemonade and the other is Olivia.....the 3rd one... ugh no clue on this bright and early morning.  Note: the front of the cover was uneven because those parts are layered- to fix this to be able to just lay a piece of paper down I personally jut added some dots of hot glue- allowed it to dry and then adhered the paper piece on top. You could also use pop dots of foam, however I used what I had. (I did this on the left hand side of the above picture. You can't tell a difference at all)

Basic grey pattern Papers

Basic Grey and Maya Road
When this Olivia line came out, I am pretty sure I bought about 8 of this sheet with the little figures on it alone as well as the one for boys. I just simple adore it. It's what I used to make the Recycle Toilet Paper Roll Mini Album and Tutorial. WOW that was back in 2011- so the paper is even older than I remembered! I'm excited for myself- using the stash of things I have. And that thing still sits on my shelf in my livingroom and gets mad reviews from quests. 


  1. I love it! A cherry on top would be cute also, but it is great the way it is.

  2. Very cute I think a cherry on top would be a nice touch.

  3. This is so cute. What a great gift idea!


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