Thursday, January 10, 2013

Masculine Card & the Loot

I curbed my shopping for some time. However, I have made a few exceptions. Maya Road has been offering an amazing deal of almost 75% off their seasoned (my way of saying last season-and older) products. I've been luckily enough to catch it the two times they have done it and rec. a large box at discounted shipping for a fraction of the cost! I love these boxes. Each one has been completely different from the others! This is the 2nd box- unfortunately I wasn't able to catch a picture of the first box contents before putting them all away when re-doing the craft room. I just love Maya Road. The fun thing is you never know when they will have 50 boxes or 20 to offer- it's a fun surprise. They just announce it on their Facebook page you can find HERE Then follow the link and buy a box. Like I said I just adore the two hauls I've made thus far and looove a good discount!

If you get a chance head over there and let them know I sent you! They not only offer great motivation all month long but also some inside scoops on purchasing fun boxes full of goodies like this! Stay tuned after the reveal of my new space to win some of these great goodies!

Last night I made this card for a guy at work celebrating his anniversary with the company. Thought I would share it. 


  1. great masculine card and WOW what an enormous haul of loot. I haven't been shopping for several months either but I am going to check out the page you linked although I probably won't be able to afford to do it right now.

  2. Well Paula, they offer them every month. Their about 50 bucks for 175 bucks worth of stuff. I don't mind slightly older stuff. Maybe save up like I did for 5 months of no buying.. lol then purchase when they come up.


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