Saturday, August 4, 2012

Triathlon Shadow Box

So, my boyfriend does alot of athletic events. Everything from Marathons, triathlons, 10k's, gravel races, trail runs, etc. He's very dedicated, I mean the man works out almost every morning and then 1-2 times in the evening between running, swimming and biking. Anywho, He wanted "something" to showcase his bibs and medals and what not. I came up with this shadow box. It has pockets to hold quite a few bibs at staggered heights and then had a guy I found on create little plaques for the events he's done. This box isn't completed with all the bibs and plaques, but it's the beginning and a great conversation piece. 

There's also a quote on the bottom of the bib holder but couldn't get the right camera angle with the glass on it not to glare. 

Ohhhhh and I almost forgot.. so everyone knows I'm the worst speller of all time right? Even with spell check I manage to mess things up.. well.... on one of the plaques I managed to mis-spell Triathlon. 

(Update: thus far he's got 5 of them full! Definitely love the look of them. More pictures to come as each one if different)


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