Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Duct Tape Wallet

So, I'm waaaaaay behind the times, however tonight while watching tv, I decided to try my luck at a wallet free handing it. This is number 2. Still not perfect by any means, working on putting in a clear pocket for the ID. However, that will come soon. Heck maybe before this is posted, I'll have added a new one with more pictures of newer ones. Yes for those who are wondering a simple 10 minute video is coming, cause yes it's that easy, 10 minutes and you have a wallet.

Here are some I got the plastic in for the ID cards.


  1. Funny how having some great duck tape prints now makes a ho-humm craft become new again.
    My dd (now 28 and youngest ds now 22) used to make them out of old fashioned silver duck tape!

  2. Thank you again for another” feel good, uplifting, that there are good people in this world story”. We read so many stories that are negavite about people and what they do to others. A random act of kindness is always such a great thing to hear about. Peace and blessings.


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