Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tutorial Thursday: Paper tapes + video

Here's tonight's video. Thanks to all who joined in. It was a short one, next week we'll do a bit longer! Tonight I made some ubber ubber cheap and simple paper tapes and showcased a bit how to make your own patterened washi/masking tapes and so forth.  Below is a picture of those I made in the video. I know I'll be using two of those for sure this weekend in my art journal! Video isn't the best quality, I need to work on my lighting a bit more.


  1. How cool! Thanks so much for sharing! I LOVE paper tape :) I've been dabbling with it again.

  2. Dangit! The video isn't working- does it not play on iPad? I've gotta see how you make those! I freakin' love tapes!


  3. Kory, try going to ustream directly and seeing if you can view it there or if you can download it to your ipad. I know lots will let you do that. However the videos utilize flash or what not so the Ipad doesn't allow them to be played (come on apple get with the times!), anywho, let me know if you still can't see it directly on the site or downloaded and I can email it to you as well!


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