Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art Journal pages 2 &3

I could barely wait for the next prompt for this art journal. Just been anticipating it like none other. Here were the guidelines.

The prompt today is from guest host SUSAN!
ie: what's in your imagination or where do you imagine yourself
THE STUFF: Pictures or words from magazines/newspapers etc
ie: Words, letters or images that develop your idea
THE TEChNIQUE: mask/stencils
ie: can be anything from flowers, letters, rubberbands or professional mask or stencils

Now, when I first looked at the word Imagine, all sorts of fun things came to mind. However, I've been using this journal as a way to express myself. And in expressing myself that means being honest and imperfect. I've had people who have known me for years, some I've worked with or for or even friends. I kept this secret from them. I chew! Not just my food but chewing tobacco. I know, it's gross, its stupid, it's unhealthy, it's just plain yucky! It's a darn addiction I tell you! I decided when using this prompt that I would create two pages because two things came to mind. Imagining my life being addiction free of tobacco and not going back to it. I created that page to be a dark and somewhat evil page as all addictions no matter how small are,  and then the fun Imagine! So, I created two pages! The first one I used all of the prompts and the second one I only used two but I did get in some fun masking tape background! hee hee

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  1. love the two-sided idea, with the contrast between light and dark. And hopefully, it may motivate you! (I smoked for 10 years and stopped 8 years ago, but i know it's really a hard addiction to give up)

  2. great job. and you CAN do it. I smoked for 12 years and it has now been 28 years since I quit. I like the imagine more think less...GREAT idea!

  3. Hubby used to dip and chew but it started ruining his teeth and I was worried about mouth and throat cancer, so he quit. It wasn't easy, but he did it. You can, too! I can see this page is very personal and I think just putting the problem out there in the open like that is the first step toward giving yourself the power to quit.

  4. Thanks ladies. Yes very hard to quitting. Quitting is never my problem, I've done that many times.. lol. It's staying quit that I have a problem with. But I'm looking forward to quit quitting this year!

  5. LOVE your art journaling. I love the darker colors!

  6. Loving the grunginess of your pages! Great stuff :)

  7. I've switched to Snus, it just feels cleaner. You're not alone!

    -kory k

  8. Love those dark colors on the first page! Best of luck to you with quitting. It's hard but possible.

  9. Great pages, love the tobacco color you used for the page!!


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