Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sooo Much to Come

With things wrapping up and getting back to normal... or what I call normal. I'm ubber excited. I have so much to share with you all. I've been very busy playing with some fun things and doing a bit of tinkering around in my crafty room. I'm looking forward to a post each night this week, showing some fun new things I have created as well as re-organized.

I hope the holidays found everyone feeling well and ready to begin a nice new year. Something so refreshing about a new year. New crafting goals and things to do. Definitely makes me want to get cracking on some new projects and ideas. I have a large goal to finally get my pictures printed. I am guilty of not printing pictures in about.. hmm almost 2 years this spring... I know I know. I think it's partially the reason I have slacked on doing layouts, because all the pictures I have left I'm not in love with and well all I can think about is the pictures I know I've taken that I desperately have stories to tell about!

Can't wait. Will be costly and time consuming as I do them all in order but I'm excited for sure!

Do you have any crafting goals for the year? Share away! 

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