Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh the Fun

So while gone for Christmas, I did a good deed and cleaned out Eric's mom's spare room. It has been collecting items... anything and everything since her daughter now 28, left for college. You can only imagine the things I found in there. Filled to the brim with decorations, old clothes, dolls, books, animals, pictures, old radios and maps and all sorts of things. I can't even explain. It took an entire day to sort. In the end I was greatly rewarded. I cleaned out 12 large black trash bags of clothes for her to donate and then I came upon some very old radios, which I was told I could have!!!!! SCORE!!! I will have to pick up on another trip because our cars were beyond full. I also came upon an old atlas, that I'm over the moon for as well as some old Golden books. I couldn't beleive my luck. Some were Eric's sisters, marked clearly with her cute hand writting and some were Eric's.

After talking to his sister she insisted none of hers could be taken, I was soo sad, but then Eric's mom said to go ahead and take those that had Eric name in them. So now, I have quite the little collection between those I got of his as well as the I already had. I get sooo giddy over these and can't even explain why! Here's some pictures of them!

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