Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Dollhouse

So, for Christmas my daughter got one of the fancy dollhouse's from Hobby Lobby. I thought since I used a ton of scrap booking stuff on it and a boat load of Helmar Adhesive (because it's the only one I trust to hold up with all types of things), I would share it on here. Here are some pictures from start to now. It's still not near finished with the outside needing more painting and the inside needing ceilings done, shingles and countless other things. We're letting her do as much as she can... painting what she can, picking out papers and colors, therefore the house will be yellow, pink and blue! So here it is thus far! Gonna need a ton  of helmar for the billions of 1x1 shingles that go on this. Oh ya and I totally glitter misted the stairs! Who says you can't have a little bling in your house! Not even goign to lie this has been sooo much fun!


  1. Love this! Looks like so much fun! Definitely gonna put this on my list of things to make for my granddaughter...she's a little young yet...but that gives me a couple of years to plan it

  2. Whoo-hoo! What a fun project for your little girl and I love that her style will be shown as she works on the house.
    Those little sleeping bags on the floor of the bedroom are darling and just what a little girl would do in her own room!


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