Saturday, November 12, 2011

Masking Tape Love

So, I recently posted about my masking tape love. I have it right now in 6 different sizes! Love it. Last night I began playing with some of it for card backgrounds. I tried a few different things on it and then today I finished off the front of them. I love the affects of using it overlapped as a background. Such great texture, pretty darn cheap and just flippin fun!

I do indeed love masking tape, but when using tape and then wet things like glue and what not I like to pack up the tape with some adhesive. I used what I always use Helmar's 450 Quick Dry adhesive just to ensure it stays put.

Here are a few of the cards I created to give away at work over the next month. Keep in mind they are very masculine as well, these are all going to men who work for a landscaping business.

One thing I love most about these is other than the taping aspect, these cards were all made in 5 minutes! So, they really took no time at all. I did the taping on them while watch TV last night.

On these two, I layered masking tape in different sizes and then used Pan Pastels over them. The left one is just black Pan Pastel and the right is black and then a white Pan pastel over it. I then sprayed both with a workable fixative. As if you use the Pan Pastels they are somewhat chalky and will run off on you hands if you don't spray them.

Just love this texture. Would have been cute for mummy cards as well.

Here's two more. The blue card is using 1/2 inch masking tape and the one in the green is 1/4 inch packing tape (I flippin love this stuff). The blue is a mixed paint color combo and then put right onto the cards, a few spritz of water then heat set dry. the green card I painted with watered down green paint and then took a cloth and blotted it.

You can see the different in added texture from applying different things and the treatment of those mediums here.

The green paper behind the sentiment is  a fun velevet paper and then some chicken wire makes for some added fun!

I'm loving the cork coaster added to this one!

Lots of even more texture here. The gears are chipboard, and then the metal paper.

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