Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I'm going to share a dirty secret with you all. Something I rarely share with anyone. Partially because I feel slightly silly for it. I'm obsessed with tapes!!! I'm not even sure why but I love using them. Love the colors and textures and patterns.

I mean there's the regular, ducts tapes, masking tape, packing tape, and then there's tissue tape, fabric tape, paper tape, washi tape and the list goes on and on!!!

I finally got into my scrap room this past weekend and got things pretty much cleaned up and much better organized. It's a happy place again. However, in the process of cleaning it and putting things away, it became strangely apparent to me I have a problem. Now I know I have an obsession with paper, having at last count alittle over 33,000 sheets of paper (rough estimate), more Prima flowers and bling then I can possibly count, however, I was in denial about my tape addiction until I got things put away and looked up and noticed all the wonderful tapes I have.

I decided to take a few pics, I became frustrated as while putting them all away I quickly realized I needed more peg board accessories that are are long rods to hold all of the tapes. I went ahead and took a picture of some of the tapes. Like I said I'm willing to bet I have another 3 rods worth of tapes, as not all of my tissue tapes and duct tapes are there at all!!

I just love them all soo much. I thought I'd share some of my addition. What's your addiction? The thing you see and just have to buy?  I've learned recently mine has become tapes! I've especially become find of masking tape. I love laying it and using the texture!

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