Saturday, November 12, 2011

Crepe Paper Trims

So, today I ventured into my craft room, since the kids were outside and the bf was away at work to complete a few cards, while in there I was on Facebook.. of course and noticed the wonderful Tracy, the President of Hemar was also live on Ustream playing. So, I joined her in some chit chat while we both crafted. made for a wonderfully productive afternoon!!! I loved it. Since moving I often miss having girls to chit chat with while crafting.

I began playing with some crepe paper (streamers). Two days ago I received a box full of goodies from Hemar for winning a game. so, I thought while chatting with Tracy, it only made sense to put them to use.. right??? I began making some trims. I love these in white because then at a later date I can mist them whatever colors I may like to coordinate with any card or layout.  Here's a little tutorial on what I did.

I cut strips of paper I didn't favor, but for some reason had. Turned them over to the white side. iIthen took some Helmar craft glue and put it down the center of the 12 inch strip.

Now you can buy crepe crafting paper, but I just use the dollar rolls of streamers. They work just as well! Pull off a large strip.

Take the strip the and just begin scrunching it. I drag mine along and then the glue hit all over the streamer. This is only one way to do it.

This is how it will be coming along after you just been slidding it into itself.

Here are a few different ones I did. the first at the top and then 4th one down are just sliding it into itself. The second and third from the top is a smaller strip of paper and then just crumbling it onto the glue. The last one is a crepe piece glued to strip and then doing the scrunching up onto the center.

Upclose shot of how great these are.

Pull off a piece of paper and take your glue and make a large circle.

Ball it up in the center and then put it down. Then just begin wrapping it around as you've seen a billion times in a billion places.. lol

This is the ending result of a rather cute crepe paper flower. Ready to be misted when I need it.


  1. Great tutorials, thank you! Going to go give the crepe flower a go. Just learnt how to do a really cool flower using Melissa Frances' crepe paper, so yummy! TFS!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial on the crepe paper borders. So beautiful and easy.


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