Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ahhhhhh I've missed posting and making videos soo much! This post is just to let you know that as of this weekend.. maybe a bit sooner I'm going to be back up and going. I have my house all put together.. the move this last Saturday went super well! I have some amazing friends who came down with me and helped me get everything moved.. I was ubber excited to show them my new downsized yet bigger benefits home. This home is much smaller than my last but, without running a daycare anymore, I really have no use for large amounts of space! I do however have a crafting room!!!!! woot woot.

So, last night I came to a stopping point on my house in general.. just about everything is done. I began my crafting room. I have been soo excited for the last month about having my own room FINALLY... space to move.. not just be able to sit and turn in a circle! lol I went to work.. it's def in progress!!! I spent a few hours working on it and became soo FRUSTRATED!!!! Why on earth could I be frustrated.. having a full room now, space to grow and organize and did I mention a NEW flat screen tv for in there!!!

Well, here's the issue I came upon. I've lived in a "nook" for about 5 years or so. An area that's 4x4.5 ft in size. Literally, I can turn around and everything was at my finger tips. Sooooo, now I have all of this SPACE.. and feel odd spacing things out within the room... It seems nuts right and those of you with smaller areas like I used to have are probably thinking of what you would give for a larger space. But, i became very frustrated trying to decide what needs to be within hands reach of me and what can be a bit further away!!! I ended up stopping, letting my head rest and will revisit it this evening. Here are a few pictures of how I ended it last night, I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the pic when I get everything in it's place.. by this weekend for sure because I need to get in there and get some crafty things done.. I have the itch badly!

It's still a HUGE mess but it's making its way! Tonight I will be working on hanging some shelves and clearing out all the boxes I have already emptied. I figure by tomorrow night it will be  in functioning order again!

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