Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

So, I love Wednesdays. They are soo much fun to me to show you all different blogs or sites that I enjoy.

 Today, I think I shall share with you all a gal I just adore. I love looking through her galleries as well as just everything she does. Each wed. she does a video called Inspiration Wednesday. Donna Downey!! Now she has an all around amazing blog and website. she sells alot of the things she used on ehr website for great low prices.

I love her blog because even though I never buy kits or classes or anything like that I can still watch her videos (she's got tons in her archives), or look through her past projects and feel an overwhelming amount of inspiration hit my like bricks to the head! Just love it.

From here you can navigate through the taps at the top to see different things!

Check it out and get inspired!

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