Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wandering Wednesday

Alrighty, today where shall we wander??? How about someplace real close to home!!! My home!

Yes, my home it is. I've been working hard to get my craft room in working order. Not perfect by any means but to a place that allows me to use it and make the most of it while still being able to keep up with the organizing of all the things that need to be worked on.

So, here it is so far. Last night I did my first tutorial since the move, was a little weird getting back into the swing of things. You can find the tutorial HERE 

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Ok onto the showcasing of the room thus far!

Here will be and is slowly beginning to be my die cutting station. My dies and embossing folders and cricut and all of its components are all here as well as my cardstock. Below in the drawer units are additional supplies as well as alterables and general crafting materials.

Here is my stereo.. soo excited as I can finally get some stations living in a bigger town! Here are also my papers, my mists, some of my flowers, a basket of mini albums, basket of tools, crate of laces and speciality trims, basket of metals, and drawer unit of vintage supplies and basket of sprays.

Here is the general work area. Pegboard that holds all sorts of things. I haven't gotten them all sorted yet as I would like for them to be but they're in progress. Also my drawer units of inks and general inks right next to desk. OOO side note: see those cute Halloween items on the corner of the picture?? Those are something very nifty I'll be showing you all Thursday!

Here are some things I have yet to put in their real place just yet. Brown basket of alphabets, ribbons, clip it up and drawer units with wet embossing materials and journaling items.

The shelf above this desk is unsorted things basically in totes and so forth. This desk will be my "MESSY" station for flocking and glittering and anything messy basically. Also here is my printer and a place to put lap top. Also a drawer unit with general graft items in it. Clip it up with more ribbons, and more flowers and some 12x12 sheets of stickers and what not.

Some signs I love.. but just aren't quite appropriate for the general living area.. lol

This area is yet to be determined. I do not know if I want to set another table up here or what direction this wall is really going! I had to have this large tv in my area, just being over all excited to have a tv in my room and then decided it was just unpractical overall, and last night changed it out to a much smaller one.

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