Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun Friday: Showcasing August Challenge Colors

Alrighty ladies, I've been busy playing with some new techniques and the fun August Color combo! It's soo messy, soo outside the box funky fresh creation! I took pictures along the way to show you all how I did it! Check it out and then get in that crafty area and get messy! This creation was totally messy and just playing with color like a little kid again! First are the finished product and then a little picture tutorial with instructions to walk you through this messy free art creation.

Ok now, here are the step by step instructions, I forewarn you. This is a very messy project but soooo fun!

I began with a sheet of adhesive backed cork paper! I painted the entire piece in white paint.

Ok, now here comes the MESSY part! I then took different yellow and grey crayons and ran them through a glue gun. I choose one that is older that I really don't use anymore. Clear all glue from the gun and then shove a crayon in there!

I didn't get a pic of this but just hold the glue gun at the top of the cork paper and then squeeze! I kept the paper held up, so I got this great drippage! When putting in the next color crayon.. I shoved it in! Cause the little splats of wax you see! I then added some yellow duct tape for color and texture!

Then I began adding some random staples and embellishments.

I added some thickers that I had painted grey. I used Helmar's Scrap dots on the back of them to get some great pop on them!

I then, pulled of the adhesive backing and attached the entire sheet to a thick piece of cardboard. So, this way I can use it as a cork board. While the sheet was cork it obviously was not thick enough to stick tacks into. Now it is!

Now if running crayons through your glue gun is just too much for you... here is an alternative! simply hold the crayon and then let it drip from top as you melt it or let it melt and them blow the wax off the crayon to the page as I did for even more of an affect!

And here you have it, I also added some random messy stamping and little clusters of embellishments.


  1. so so so awesome!!! NOW this is being creative, cause I would have NEVER thought of this!!

  2. this is sooooo awesome!!! love it :)

  3. What an awesome idea!!! I have an OLD glue gun that would be perfect for this. Hmmmmmmmm

  4. This is just too cool. I have an OLD glue gun that would be perfect for this. Hmmmmm


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