Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tutorial Thursday

Ok, ladies. I'm always looking to create and use form my own stash. I'm oh so guilty of loving the newly released items but in order to make those purchases work.. I try to use what I have and can do myself! I have seen these flowers done with paper, fabric and soo many other things. Well, in the efforts of using form my own stash.. I looked around in some of my many many drawers and I had a few packages of cheese cloth. You know what I'm talking about right.. almost feels and looks like gauze, it's about 2 dollars for more than I can ever imagine using. great for crafts, cooking and cleaning. Well, I had some and decided to play with it. This is what I got.  

This is cheese cloth!

This is what you will need. A glue gun or Helmar's 450 works well too with no burning of the fingers.. however.. I'm out! boo hooo. A piece of cardstock and Mist or watered down paint.

Place a daub of glue in the center of the cardstock. make a ball with the tip of the cheesecloth twisting it just a bit.

Continue to add more glue along the way, then twist the cheesecloth a bit and wrap snuggly around the center piece.

Continue wrapping until you have no more cheesecloth. I enjoy doing it this way on a square and then trimming off the excess so that I'm not pressured to have my measurements of the gauze perfect. I just like to wrap it along until I have a size I like.  

Trim the excess behind it to your liking.

Begin misting the flower. I mist the flower afterwards so that I use less mist, as the cheeseclothes will take the mist but if layed out and sprayed you'd waste alot of mist.. as it goes through the mist onto the paper.. this way its concentrated on the flower itself.  

Mist until your hearts content. This one I just did pink but you can do multiple colors.. maybe all over the flower or a two tones flower.

I then used some of this cheap wedding pearls. i like the pearl color so I won't be altering the color of them. Just clipping off the ends.

Add them to the center.... soo pretty! I love the look of the cheese cloth alot!

This another thing to do with the cheese cloth. Spraying it all and then using it as you like on a layout. I sprayed this cheesecloth blue and used it last night on a layout.

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  1. Very clever and pretty. Shows you can use more than the scrapbook stores sells to make a great flower!


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