Thursday, May 26, 2011

Funky Boy Layout

So, I sat down last night when I couldn't sleep and began this layout for my sons book. I love it.. very funky and distressed and messy and just well.. I love it! With all the great girl products out there I find it harder to scrap for my son.. but of course it still has to be done! haha I love to do it.. just sometimes find it frustrating.. this layout just kinda came together on its own. 

I honestly didn't favor these pictures. However, I have learned as I'm sure many of you have that the older the child becomes the less opportunities there are for pictures. The simple fact he's in school all day.. makes it harder. Therefor I went ahead and scrapped them.. I liked them just didn't find them fantastic! Check out the pics!

Finally a good day to take some pictures outside. I adore the dirty rsuticness of this layout. So different from the pretty girl stuff I also adore.

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  1. wow looks great, love all the trinkets and details, awesome boy page,.


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