Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday!!!! ... and no progress

So, this is a guilty post. I posted last week about my scrapbooking nook. It was a mess. I'm sad to say now Tuesday it still sits in the same mannor it was in last week. I had plans to get back there.... but... ummmm... well those plans turned into me just pulling some items out to work on a Easter project for daycare kids. Then last night I figured I might jump back there and get some work done. Instead I decided on laminating some new name plates I colored yesterday for the kids.

I am at heart a procrastinator. I hate and love this about myself. Plan is to get it done today during nap time and this evening. I am going to do it. I have a new big project coming up that I am going to be working on.. well, ok three. I can't wait to begin sharing them. The probelm is I can't start until.. its clean.. ugh

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  1. You can do it.......I did it yesterday. Mine was worse than yours.... now I have a floor and table top again. well, ok...still have a couple piles of paperwork to put away (ideas for things cut from magazines) and put away some embellishments.... ahhhh; so freeing to be more clean.


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