Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trash to Treasure... one of my faves

We all have these! trash from all your packages. I use alot of my "trash" therefore most of these are Prima package leftovers and I'm hopelessly addicted to flowers. There's also so sticker "trash" packets. What to do, what to do with all this trash! Sooo pretty you don't want to throw it all away!
Some of the "trash" has patterns on the pack of the packaging. The other side is some sort of patterned paper! Great four journaling and little embellishments!

This is it thus far!!!!! I created an entire album from trash ruminants! Look through the pictures and I'll share all the different "trash" I made my own little treasure!

This flower and wings were created from chocolate overlay waxy paper (the stuff that comes on top of a box of chocolates), I didn't even use a circle cutter, I used a pill bottle to trace and cut out the circles then i took a paint brush and applied some tattered angels mist to the edges, allowing them to just absorb it. The center of the flower is circles punched from a prima crystals kisses packaging. The wings.. soo pretty!! Love yellow.. hee hee were die cut from yellow duct tape! 

All words shown here are more packaging. Some packages by Prima have them on the packaging! U selected some and inked them up and used them throughout the book. The twine there.. also trash it comes on the 7-Gypsies fabric tapes! The flower there is acetate from packaging and the center another hole punched!

I did some reaching and actually looked in my trash in my nook after cleaning it up last night and found some blue tulle in it from some other projects. i created a bow with some of it. Also created a bow with some plastic that covered most acrylic albums you buy these days to protect them from scratches and such before your ready to use it! Note: the page in the middle... it was scratched from adhesive and such from when I pulled the bling off of it. I simply took a pair of scissors and scratched it more!

Here... I did a few things. The words again.. only this time used as separates. Now for most of the packaging I had duplicates. When I had two of the same I backed them together. When I did not I did one of two things. I either used some white paint to cover bar codes and words or I placed two pieces together and tore them to be the same size. Also here is a flower I die cut from packaging and then just dripped some Tim Holtz die on them! (couldn't not use dear Tim's things.. hee hee)

Just an up close of it. The paint was just a thin layer as well covers well. You can write on it super well if you wanted to as well.

Who doesn't love the those flowers.. so easy just to twirl n wrap! I used some of the left over tulle from my trash for this as well. I also used it to tie in knots just to add some depth. The stars paper is an example of one of the papers i just tore to make them the same size.

This is a super cute way to also use one you do not have more than one of or just on a layout. Tri-fold it. make it your own little card within it. I painted over the product brand info and put some words on it.

Another flower here cut from some plastic from the packaging. Then I tore cardboard for the center.

OK, so note about this project! Shout out to Helmar adhesives Scrap Dots! As it is the only adhesive I used on this project!!!! Also anything that POPS off the page is done with the Helmar Scrap Dots wonderful for deminision) or with cardboard from a shoe box!!!


  1. This is really neat I like this!!!!

  2. I love these ideas and here I thought I was the only one who saved all the packaging--LOL There are lots of beautiful back grounds on the stuff we buy--much to pretty to just throw away!!!


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