Monday, April 25, 2011

It's getting done

Soooo, after a long day. kids were all outta school today.. so was all about entertaining not only the preschoolers but also their school age siblings. I caught a bit of a bug this weekend. Which never happens. Maybe every 5 years do I get sick! been ickyish all day.

Tonight I decided no matter how i felt I needed some progress in my "nook". Got in there tonight and I am proud to announce after 3 weeks of procrastinating and pulling stuff out to do projects rather than cleaning it, it now has a floor and a desk top..... still working on getting everything else back in their places and hope to post some clean area pics tomorrow night!!! YAY motivation.

I was thinking, does your area ever get sooo bad that you can't walk in it much less work at the desk. Are yout he type of scrapper that it looks messy but is really just organized choas? Or do you have a spot for everything and after or during each project always have  it tidy? I'm always curious. As even when I say the "nook" is clean, it probably still looks a mess to some.... it's just my way! But i love it!!!

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