Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tim Holtz Blog.... a must follow blog!

If you don't already follow Tim Holtz on his blog... YOU SHOULD!!! His products are clearly one of my faves. He jsut posted on some wonderful flowers. He even has a video on how to make them.. 4 minutes and super simple. Remember though you can make these from his tissue tap, ribbon or other papers.. the possibilites are literally endless!!!! I love his tissue tapes though. A helpful hint if your doing it with his tapes or any other tapes is you can also springle some baby powder on the back when you are done so that the backing doesn't stick to everything. Esp. if you're like me and you like things to hang off the page such as ruffles or flowers. By putting the powder ont he back it will make it no longer sticky! You can also do this with stickers that hang off the end of a page!  Enjoy ladies!


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