Friday, April 29, 2011

Sneak Peak....

SNEAK PEAK!!!!! If your savy with your brands.. this is from a great collection from Prima. A lovely collection for Spring!

  In May I'll have a giveaway each week! YAY!!!! Nothing is better than free goodies!!! So, be sure to check back regularly! And invite other to follow as well to have a chance to WIN!

Here's a sneak peak as to which line it is. See if you can guess it.

 A hint: the answer is in the flowers!

It's my recent project! I'll share it soon! And one lucky winner is going to be winning an amazing selection of this Prima Collection! Including papers, flowers, chipboards, cardstock stickers, journaling cards and MORE!!!

Remember SUNDAY!!! I'll be announcing a winner to one of the great altered vintage books!!! So be sure to stay tuned to claim your prize!


  1. You gave away the answer in the last paragraph!!! It's the 23rd word! lmao

  2. hahaha well Prima is the brand... but.... its not the name of the collection!

  3. well crap...I dont know the name of the collection... :(

  4. Ok, I looked on primas website and i think its the Whisper collection! so thats my guess!


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