Monday, January 13, 2014

"ME" Art Journal Page

So, this year I've been playing along with an Art Journal Group on Facebook. I say that lightly as I more so love the inspiration and advice and overall chatter from over 3400 member. There are weekly prompts that I do in my own good time. I do them out of order, or start on one and then another. I like to be "late" if there's such a thing and see others takes from it and then let it take me where it will. For instance this was week three prompt to "Use a Selfie" on a page. I personally hate selies so I took my motivation from it and ran with it. I choose to go with a hole heck of a lot of layers. As right now in my life and with me just personally, I feel like there are alot of layers going on. The group is pretty nifty in case anyone is interest. It's called The Documented Life Project. 

My pictures for alot of these pages over the next few months will be set up as a tutorial of shorts so you can see all of the layers or techniques. 

I first took a journal page and layered receipts from a receipt book. Mod Podge on the bottom then some watered down Gesso over the top.  I have a watered down Gesso already but I watered it down even more as can be seen in the below photo. 

I then blotted the journal page with a towel to get the Gesso lighter in some areas.

Then I added a bit of cardboard for texture. 
Then I added some different athletic tapes (will show in another posting on how to use these in so many different way.) I then added another thin layer of Gesso.

Now I added more "plumbers tape" that I has used as a stencil before so it looks like it's blue and pink. Then more Gesso.

Then I layed down randomly sections of crackle for yet more texture.

Then some random inking using Staz-on and some sequin waste.
Alittle pinks from my Pan Pastels. 

Tore a tag and did some painting with my Gelattos. and them embossed the entire tag. I didn't like the color of this one as much so ended up going with a yellow embossed tag you see below, by simply going over the tag with yellow so the pink still shows through. 
I then used my Maya Road Typewriter stamp and embossed over it all again for yet more depth. 

I didn't get a picture of it, but along the well I added different types of metal mesh.

I also added in some fun stamping and inking througout the piece. 



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