Thursday, July 18, 2013

Simple 5 Minute Cards

So, I'm about a day delayed in getting this post up. I blame the weather. I've been trying to get some pieces finished up for a craft show on the 27th. The weather and our general list of events going on around here have made this nearly impossible. I've decided I need a garage to work on furniture pieces and I need it like yesterday! None the less here's some card I've been working on and will be selling at the show in a week or so. I keep this cards on hand for myself as well as to sell. 

Their super easy with no thought. Most only have 2-3 elements other than the pattern paper that makes up the front of the card. That's how you keep things simple. I also have a 2 tier tackle box looking thing that I keep bits and pieces from broken packages or misc things in. This way when I'm working on cards, I know I can go to it and have all sorts of bits and pieces which is all a card really needs in my opinion. Sure there are those cards you want to go all out on, but for the most part I like to keep it simple and use textures and dimension more than a ton of tricky things. 

So, here are a few cards, all super easy! 

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  1. Lovely Card! 5mins really?! I guess I over think.. THanks for the ideas!

    Be Blessed


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