Monday, June 24, 2013

Long time..... 5 Minute Cards

So, for those of you whom haven't yet be sure to head over to The Craft Donkey's Facebook page. I've been having some amazing giveaways, information and networking over there! Definitely worth checking out.  I'll admit that sharing over there has been less time consuming therefore making it easier from time to time rather than sitting down and actually writing a post!! I'll work on getting better. Currently I have well over 30 posts that are back logged to finish writing to share some new creations I've had over the last month or so. 

So, be sure to stay tuned!!! Their coming your way! Today just sharing a set of my 5 minutes cards. I'm going to be doing a video next week after many have inquired at how I make them so simple and fast yet they still have dimension and a fun layout to them. 

Bare with me on the pictures, I've been looking for a new camera but just haven't made a decision yet. So these picture are definitely lacking. I'm sorry!!


Feedback is always appreciated! Let me hear what you have to say!