Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Maya Road Tin Magnet Tutorial

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today going to share some cute Maya Road Tins I've been working on. I just adore these little things. The great part is their so darn easy to make. Think of the possibilities: a birthday gift, on the front of a card, on a layout, a teachers gift, heck I even had a friend said she'd want to make one to attach to an urn she has. The options are literally endless. 

The how to: 

* Get tin. The ones I used are made by Maya Road, I'm honestly not sure what other companies even make them. But their relatively cheap!
* Before using any crackle on the tins I like to give the area that I will be applying the paint to a light sanding. Just use a small emery board and get the best you can- Just helps with the paint staying in my experience. 
* Use Crackle paint or just paint the bottoms and then add some Tim Holtz Rock Candy
* Let this dry overnight for best results.
* I then sprayed with an acrylic sealer but you could also use a layer of Mod Podge. Let it dry fully. You can speed it up a bit by using your heat gun but I always like the results better when allowing it to air dry. 
* Take a mini jar and feel it with micro beads. You could also use some glitter! 
* Cut a few stems from some Prima vines.
* Add some wet glue into the opening of the jar, fill the opening: I used my fave Helmar 450.
* Arrange flowers as you see fit, this is why you want to use wet glue and not hot glue, so that you have some time and le-way in arranging them. 
* Now you can leave it as it is or you can do what I did and attach some magnets to the back!

Now these aren't much different. Follow the crackling directions above for the petals. Then use your fave adhesive: I choose to use Helmar Scrapdots (see pic below). Then their all done.

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